Saving Time

In the long run Time does equal Money. But sometimes the road to understand exactly how Time can equal Money is long and winding.

For example, let's say a customer calls your account manager to find out delivery details. It takes your person 2 hours to track down the details from the shipping manager and pull reports. There is the obvious cost of the fractional salary you had to spend while your team took time to answer the question.

Perhaps the more expensive cost is that frustrated customer who had to wait hours for the answer to a simple question and who is now telling everyone they know how inefficient your company is.

Specific issues that revolve around time that you should be thinking about include:


Untrained Staff

It doesn't matter how good your documented process is or how expensive your investment in technology. If your staff hasn't been effectively trained, you are wasting time.

The IP Services Group team can provide your staff with excellent training opportunities.


Business Restructuring

Are your staff and your business keeping up with the pace as the market changes?

IP Services Group can help you create and define corporate restructuring solutions.


Streamlining Workflow

Is your business systems, servers, laptops and desktops operating at the optimum level?

IP Services Group's streamlining workflow solutions will help you optimize your business.



Year End Reporting

Has trying to capture the data for year end reporting become tedious and time consuming?

Ip Services Group data aggregation and reporting solutions will help lessen the burden of year end reporting.